Payback is a…BEAST!

If you suffer from any kind of chronic or invisible illness that involves ‘Payback’ from doing any common daily activities, please have a look at this invitation to join our collaborative puppet design project!:

Hi Everyone. Our little team at Broken Puppet Theatre Company would like to invite anyone who is so inclined to do so, to join us in a collaborative puppet design project!

The Character we wish to create represents ‘Payback’ and is known as ‘The Beast’.

We’re inviting children and adults to help us create its most beastly looking features.

Here’s how to join in: Draw your idea of a ‘Payback Beast’, labelling its key features with your reasoning.

E-mail it to: with the artists name and age.

We will take the best/most commonly reoccuring features  from all the entries and combine them to create the character.

All contributors will be credited in our show programs, on social media and our website.

Free to enter, please get them in to us by June 1st 2016.

NOTE:  This activity can be used to open up discussions with your children/others about how it feels to suffer with Payback.

Please be sensitive and responsible in doing so, and if you’d like to share any thoughts on the process with us, we’d be very happy to hear them. Thanks! 🙂 x


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