Call Out for Broken Voices

We’re being asked a lot about workshops, but as we are currently working from Clare’s tiny little home studio, we can’t run them yet. However, we can invite you to join in our creative process from wherever you are!…

Would you like to add your ‘voice’ to our upcoming theatre production?

We are collating freewriting from our online communities in order to increase the impact of our work and make the show about more unheard voices, not just ours.

If you would like to participate, all you have to do is like/follow us on facebook or through this blog, where we will regularly be asking for your input into our production.

As many of the people we wish to reach with our projects are regularly house or bed bound, social media is the best way we can involve you all in this piece of work.

The first collaborative writing exercise is a simple bit of free writing. Just
write something that starts with the sentance ‘I feel like a jigsaw puzzle…’ complete the sentance, write as much or as little as you wish, and email it to

We will then take the most powerful bits from all the contributions we get, and edit them into one piece of writing to use in our show.

There will be many opportunities for you to get involved by proxy via our social media platforms throughout the creative process.

All contributers will also be credited in the show program and online.


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