Being ‘Broken’

The word ‘Broken’ means many different things, to many different people…and it’s not usually interpreted in a positive way, but we hope to change that!

It can be difficult to explain why we find the notion of ‘being broken’ such a source of inspiration, so to help you find the positives we learned the hard way,
we will share with you our own ‘Broken’ stories, in the hope of proving to anyone who needs reminding of it, that being broken may be an extreme, life changing experience, but it can also be beautiful.

For all of our team- and many of our participants – being broken is an opportunity to re-invent or rediscover who you are, to learn new skills, to find new directions, to be humbled by the incredible people and encounters you experience, and to gain empathy, which we value immensely in the theatre and creative arts.

Being broken can be complicated, uncomfortable, emotional, physically draining, consistently unpredictable and at times insanely painful too.

But it’s not all bad, and there are some truly amazing, life affirming ‘side effects’ of living in a society that still struggles with the idea that being different ultimately means you are somehow broken, or ‘less’ than people who aren’t.

We want to aid the tides of social change, and turn being broken into a positive. A Creative opportunity that all of you are invited to participate in, starting right here, right now…!

‘You don’t have to be Broken to play here…but it helps!’