Current Projects


Our team are currently spending an 18 month period developing their puppet making skills and laying foundations for our next round of larger projects, ‘Ephelant!’ and ‘Broken:Live’ which are due to launch in Autumn 2017.

In the meantime, we are available for a small number of workshops for schools and community events, for which we can provide puppet making workshops and drama based activities for ages 3 and up.

The best way to keep up to date with our adventures is our facebook page (shown here on the right, or by searching ‘Broken Puppet Theatre Company’) or by following us on social media sites Twitter ( @BrokenPuppetCo) and Instagram (brokenpuppetco and brokenpuppetorg). We update these sites much more frequently than we are able to update this website.

Ephelant’ – Launching May 12th 2017 – Currently in its writing and Creative Development stage this project is headed up by our creative director/producer Clare, and a collective of children and parents with chronic and invisible illnesses.

‘Ephelant’ tells the story of a little girl, Jj, who struggles to lead a normal life when Ephie the metaphorical ‘Ephelant’ unexpectedly appears in her life, introducing a whole heap of entertaining – yet often frustrating – new challenges to overcome.

The story is being created as a children’s book and puppet theatre performance, and will provide a resource for children coming to terms with a chronic illness or complex medical diagnosis.

We are currently trying to raise £2500 to pay for the illustration, publishing and initial distribution of the story book, and cover initial costs of building the puppets that will play Ephie, Jj and other key characters in the performance.

You can support this project by clicking the link below to visit the project’s fundraising page at go fund me.


‘Broken:Live!’ – Launching June 2017 –Currently being written through a collaborative experiment between Broken Puppet Theatre’s team and our extended online community of patients and campaigners fighting chronic or invisible illnesses themselves, Broken:Live! will be an innovative theatre performance project that fuses the real and digital landscapes we inhabit as ‘Broken’ members of society.

The performance aims to give a voice to those who are often oestracised or socially isolated because of their illnesses, and to pose questions to an audience as to why this is the case, and what we can do about it.

This is our first puppetry and live performance aimed at a ‘grown-up’ audience, and will offer HE/FE seminars and workshops exploring its themes to secondary and university students, as well as professional training opportunities for those who come into contact with or need to care for people with invisible or chronic illness.


‘The Bone Cracker’ – Autumn/Winter 2018 – Currently in its second phase of development, this dark fairytale for over 14’s tells the story of a girl who will do literally anything in her quest for a pain-free existence.

Based on a true story, but drawn into a bizarre and imaginary world, the audience travel through this folklore-styled satirical adventure, meeting dark and humorous characters such as the Men In White Coats, The Skeleton Army, Dr.s No, No Idea, Not a clue and Nothing, and of course, The Bone Cracker himself.

When the lines between hope and fear blur, ‘Kill or Cure’ may be the only option, and this courageous little girl is nothing if not determined in her adventures.

Told using a combination of techniques from Shadow Puppetry, traditional Storytelling, Paper theatre and Japanese Kamishibai, this twisted fariytale is intended for fringe festivals, conferences, and writers/spoken word gatherings as a preview, and may be developed into a longer show at a later date.


Broken Puppet Zoo – Summer 2019 -This project is set to be our largest undertaking to date, and involve collaborations across the city of Plymouth and beyond. From now until Summer season 2017/18, our team will be working to create an entire zoo full of puppet characters, which we will create here at Broken Puppet Studio as well as within our schools workshops.

With support from several other artistic and community organisations in Plymouth and surrounding areas, it is hoped that Puppet Zoo will take over a public park during the summer holidays of 2019 to create a truly magical and highly interactive day out for the whole family.

We’re looking for more collaborators who’d like to take part in this very special event, so please get in touch if you would like to know more!

‘The Shadows of Light’ – Dates TBC –  This is set to be our biggest Theatre In Education programme to date, and is intended for a Primary School audience of ages 5 to 11 years.

It’s a theatre performance that tells original fables from multiple perspectives; encouraging children to explore themes of conflict, opportunity and consequences from all angles, in order to overcome the challenges they face.

A highly interactive performance with accompanying age-specific workshop offers, this is a collection of short stories with embedded social meaning and learning outcomes.

The team are busy making new puppets for the latest artistic embodiment of this previously academic programme, which will be developed over the next 2 years and hopefully begin touring schools in 2019/2020.