Our Work

What We Do…

We devise original theatre/puppetry performances and creative workshops for a wide range of settings, but our primary aim is to engage children/young people  – and their schools and families – in creative explorations that fuel curious conversations.

Conversations about the things we don’t always talk about, but probably should.

We use a variety of creative approaches to explore themes such as invisible illness, mental and emotional well being and understanding ‘difference’ in any form that may take (among others).

The ‘Broken’ mission is:

  • To Support children and families living with chronic or invisible illness through puppetry, theatre performance and the creative arts.
  • To Nurture and promote professional development opportunities for creative practitioners living with chronic or invisible illness.
  • To Produce high quality creative content that raises awareness, challenges stigma and promotes equality; through humour, inventiveness and artistic integrity.

Our Aims through this work are:

  • To break down misconceptions about ‘being broken’ in the first place.
  • To open up safe spaces for everyone to be curious, encourage shared learning and promote acceptance.
  • To work directly with those affected by any – or all – of these themes
  • To develop creative practices that are inclusive and appropriate for differently-abled artists and theatre makers.
  • To raise awareness and put across to our audiences those perspectives that are often ‘left out’ of mainstream media or education.
  • To promote the use of creativity within the primary curriculum, both as an activity under its own merit, and to enhance learning in other subjects.

You may also find us – and our creatively curious puppet co-workers – at local events, festivals, school fetes, hospitals and maybe…if you look really closely…popping up in parks, on buses, or at the seaside!

Booking Enquiries

If you’d like us to run a workshop, perform or bring our puppets along to an event or venue near you, please contact: clare@brokenpuppettheatre.co.uk or call 07904 911555.

We’re technically in research and development during 2015/16, and will hopefully be launching a more publicly accessible programme of activities in Summer 2017.

In the meantime, please contact us for further information on our more specialised commissions and availability.

We look forward to working with more like-minded organisations and developing more programmes with you all in future.


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